Students Transform Shed for Home Show
Posted March 16th, 2017

It was a She-Shed success! Following the recent trend of converting backyard sheds into adult-friendly clubhouses, Interior Design students were challenged to come up with their own female-friendly oasis.

The challenge came as part of The Home & Garden Show in downtown St. Louis recently. Designs were inspired by local radio personalities Brando and April from 106.5 The Arch

Siba represented team April, who is a serious Blues fan. Students created an “island hideaway” for April to tune into Blues games. The interior was outfitted with a porch swing, faux Persian rug, chandelier, and lots of tropical ferns.

The resulting shed – if you could even it a shed once it was finished – was a huge success. Attendees of the event bid on their favorite – and the She-Shed created by Siba raised more than $3200 – almost twice that of the He-Shed! Proceeds from the auction benefited the Home Builders Association Charitable Foundation. Great job to our Interior Design department!