Students Soak up the Sun and Expert Feedback on the West Coast
Posted October 30th, 2017

California dreaming became a reality – for a week, anyway – for Graphic Design students who met with top-level artists in Los Angeles. As part of Siba’s “Workshop with the Pros” class, eight senior-level Graphic Design students joined Department Chair, Ed Engel, to present portfolios to industry leaders.

Those leaders represented a diversity of professional paths students could potentially take their own careers. Among those they met were Don Dufer, Creative Director at WebMD; Alan Jergens, an artist whose credentials include Disney Imagineering and set design for major movies; Dana Stewart, Creative Director for Just Play; Mike Meaker, whose artistic credits include Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games; and John Rice, another former Disney Imagineer and artist for shows like The Simpsons and Angry Birds.

To this impressive panel, Graphic Design students presented an illustration project featuring five characters and a pet, along with a vehicle and prop for one of the characters. Engel set parameters around the design of the environment as well as clothing style. Finally students were required to brand their characters with a name and logo design. 

The project took weeks to complete, but the effort was well worth it. Panelist Alan Jergens commented, "The students did a great job in conceptually thinking through their projects and finalizing them for presentation. They were a very impressive group of students in creation and personality!"

This is the first of what will become an annual trip that Graphic Design students will be able to take as part of Siba’s Bachelor of Arts program. The class offers a unique opportunity for students to explore career prospects in a city well-known as a leader in design and creativity. Tyler Ulrici, one of the students who participated this year said, "We got a lot of great feedback from very impressive artists in various fields of our industry. They gave us positive and constructive criticism that really helped me refine my project. The students in the future will love this class!" 

We’re very excited for the amazing opportunities this class offers to new and future students. To see more of the classes available in Siba’s Graphic Design program, click here.