Alumni Aims to Make Mark on STL Art Scene
Posted July 13th, 2016

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Proof of that comes from 2015 graduate, Tranisha Herrington, or Triggy, as she prefers. Triggy studied Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising at Siba, but found another calling thanks to an art class she took back in the Spring ’14 term. Since then, she’s honed her artistic eye and is lending her marketing skills toward helping other local artists in the form of a non-profit.

It all started with an assignment a few years ago in a Siba art class, “Thanks to Siba instructor Billy LaChance, I had an art class one quarter that sparked a hands-on interest,” Triggy reflects. “I hit a rough patch earlier this year… and after some extreme soul searching, I was lead to start painting as an outlet for my emotions. Since then, I've been in seven art shows in Saint Louis and have officially resigned from my ‘corporate 9-5’ to pursue my dreams.”

Those dreams include founding the non-profit organization, SVN, which aims to strengthen the community through pop-up shows featuring artists of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. The shows provide artists with an opportunity to sell their pieces, network, and gain exposure.

While fashion didn’t end up being the end game for Triggy, her time at Siba helped her gain valuable experience, “The opportunity I had at Siba has helped me tremendously in life. I encourage everyone to take advantage of any additional education and learning as much as possible. I would have never thought in a million years I would be on the path I currently am on, however, it wouldn't have been such an easy decision had it not been for Siba.”

Triggy’s own pieces, some of them pictured above, are currently featured at the Soulard Art Gallery. She’s hoping to land a solo exhibit this August. SVN plans to open a gallery space by 2017. To help them reach their $15,000 goal, check out their GoFundMe page.