Whether you know it or not, you already possess the talents to make a contribution to the world. At Siba, we can help you develop them into a career. Whether you’re passionate about interior design, fashion, hospitality, business, or law, Siba is a place to explore your interests in a supportive community of mentors and friends.
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Our flexible degree options cost far less than most traditional colleges and universities, and we are able to provide more individualized services than larger schools. Our student-focused, friendly staff and contemporary urban campus offer you a nurturing environment where your creativity can thrive. We are committed to connecting you with the work experiences that will help you build relationships with trusted employers and working professionals, each one a rung on the ladder that will bring you closer to a career. Our mission is for you to leave us, degree in hand, with the self-confidence and skills necessary to succeed in your chosen field.

Students Check Out Popular Destinations on the Great River Road
Making the most of a sunny afternoon during the Summer term, students explored a few tourist hot spots along the Great River Road.

Now Enrolling for Fall!
We're enrolling for our Fall term starting on October 6th, 2014. The deadline to apply is September 29th.Contact our Admissions team today!